Doss'student-BIOFABB Fall 2012_旋转_副本


Here is the list of students I’m working with:


  •  Yashica Brown: Ph.D. student; her topic is on addressing interoperability issues in mHealth medical devices.
  •  Maurice Roth-Miller: Master’s student: his topic is on developing an interconnection network for medical devices in a home environment
  • Monique Kirkman-Bey: Master’s student: her topic is on designing custom computing devices for bioinformatics.
  • Kitty Hyunh: Undergraduate researcher: her topic is on developing a framework for reconfigurable computing tools to interact
  • Tiffanie Smith and Matthew Reader: Undergraduate researchers: their topic is  on mobile devices for STEM education
  • Cedric Ingram, Kevin McNeill, Howard Hawkins, Zachary Pearson, Prince Njoku, and Folu Adenola: senior design students: their topic is on using the Kinect to control devices in the home.
  • Christian Ford and Addis Elliott: undergraduate students: advanced topics in Arduinos, Kinect, Android
  • Jordan Maness and Jesstyna Brown: undergraduate students: advanced topics in Arduino and Android
  • Gabriel Popoola: undergraduate student: his topic is on Kinect and Raspberry Pi.