Dukka KC, Ph.D.

Graduate Coordinator

Department of Computational Science and Engineering

College of Engineering

North Carolina A&T State University




Dr. Dukka KC is an assistant professor and graduate coordinator in the Department of Computational Science and Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. He received his B.E. in Computer Science, M.Inf. and Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Kyoto University in 2001, 2003 and 2006 respectively. Prior to joining A&T he has been a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology, postdoctoral fellow at UNC-charlotte, Cancer Research Training Award Fellow at National Cancer Institute at NIH and Bioinformatics Analyst at Center for Information Technology at NIH. His research interests include development of various computational approaches but not limited to elucidation of protein sequence, structure, function and evolution relationship, analysis of Next-gen sequencing data and analysis of Micro-array data. His primary interests are development of algorithms and methodology for various important problems in the field of bioinformatics. During his career he has received numerous awards and fellowships such as the Japanese Government of Education Scholarship, C&C International Foundation award. He has served as reviewer for various journals in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology.