Kossi Edoh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

College of Arts & Sciences

North Carolina A&T State University


Dr. Kossi Edoh is Associate Professor of Mathematics and Assistant Director of the Center for AcademicExcellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE) at North Carolina A&T State University.Prior to joining NC A&T, he was a faculty in the Department of Computer Science, Montclair StateUniversity, NJ. Dr. Edoh was part of ONR Summer Faculty Research Program at the Naval UnderseaWarfare Center, Newport, Rhode Island in 2011. His research areas include Information Assurance,Numerical Analysis, and Social Network Analysis. His current topics are: Cryptography – Elliptic CurveCryptography and its Implementation; Imaging Science – Using Heat/Diffusion Maps in Image Mining;and Large-Scale Social Network Analysis using Diffusion Wavelets. He has developed and taught acourse in cryptography. As a PI he has directed a research and training programs in information assurancefrom 2006 – 2009 for both undergraduate and graduate students through grants provided by NationalSecurity Agency and NC A&T State University. Dr. Edoh has Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from SimonFraser University, Canada and did some graduate work in Computer Science at Old Dominion University,Virginia. His publications span areas in both Mathematics and Computer Science.