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Lauren Davis, Ph.D.

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

College of Engineering





Dr. Lauren Berrings Davis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. She received her B.S. in Computational Mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1991. Her Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1992;and her Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2005. Prior to coming to A&T she spent 12 years as a senior software engineer at IBM supporting SAP implementations in RTP, Guadalajara and Shenzen. Her research area primarilyaddresses stochastic modeling of supply chain systems, with application areas in humanitarianlogistics and homeland security. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and The Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Davis is an active member of IIEand INFORMS and currently serves on the editorial board for the International Journalof Operations Research and Information Systems.